Add Your Name: Urgent Call for Lifting Sanctions on Iran

- General Secretary of the UN, Mr António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres
- UK Prime Minister, Mr Boris Johnson
- French President, Mr Emmanuel Macron
- German Chancellor, Mrs Angela Merkel
- High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Mr Josep Borrell Fontelles
- US President, Mr Joe Biden
- Chinese President, Mr Xi Jinping
- Russian President, Mr Vladimir Putin

As state officials from the UK, France, Germany, China and Russia are currently meeting with the Iranian delegation in Vienna for a new round of negotiations on Iran's nuclear program, we the undersigned note and demand the following:

- The United States left the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action  (JCPOA) in 2018, under the pressure from Israel, when Iran was in verified total compliance with its commitments. 

- Iran's nuclear program has proven to be peaceful and no credible evidence has been presented which contradicts the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear programme.

- The economic sanctions imposed on Iran by the United States and its European allies is an illegal and criminal act of war on the Iranian population.  It has killed thousands of innocent people, damaged and impeded critical infrastructure  projects and social programmes, and inflicted incalculable suffering on Iranian society.

- Iran and Iranians have been constantly targeted with terrorism and threatened with military attack by Israel and the US, in clear violation of the UN Charter.

- The negotiations on Iran's nuclear program have been constantly exploited by the hegemonic powers to pressure Iran to compromise its security and to surrender its rights of independence and national sovereignty.

We demand:

  • The unconditional return of the United States to the JCPOA as signed in 2015.
  • Removal of all sanctions.
  • Stopping the threats of war.
  • Bringing pressure by the international community upon Israel to join the NPT and for its nuclear arsenal disarmament.

Initial List of Endorsers in Alphabetical Order

- Association for Investment in Popular Action Committees
- Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMI)
- Free Palestine Movement
- House of Latin America, Research Center
- International Action Center
- International Solidarity Movement-Northern California
- NakbaTour
- One State Assembly
- Palbox
- Palestine Children's Welfare Fund
- Resumen Latinoamericano
- Solidarity Iran - SI
- Syria Solidarity Movement
- Workers World


Abdollahi, Mahmoudreza: Translator, Cultural and Peace Activist
Abutalebi, Ali: Publisher, MazmoonBooks, Executive Director
Ahrabi, Fereydoon: Professor of Statistics
Anthony, Navid: Public Health Manager, Political activist
Anthony, Simon: England Green Party, IT College Lecturer
August، Arnold: Canada, Journalist Contributing Editor for The Canada Files & Authors
Azad, Bahman: PhD Sociology, Executive Secretary, US Peace Council
Azin, Kazem: Solidarity Iran SI, US Coordinator
Bahrani, Assadolah H. : Economic Teacher
Bello, Judith, Syria Solidarity Movement, United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)
Clay, Am: December 12th Movement International Secretariat
Edalat, Abbas: Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics, Imperial College, London, Founder of CASMII (Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran)
Edmonds, Sibel: The Founder and Editor-in-chief of the NewsBud
Flounders, Sara: International Action Center
Gharavi, Nureddin: Peace Activist
Golestani, Khosro : Political Analyst and Translator
Gorbani, Mohammad : Translator, Antiwar Activist
Golestani, Mohammad-Ali: Peace Activist
Haghpassand, Marjaneh : Environmental Activist
Kia، Siamak: Peace Activist
kovalik, Dan: American Labors Rights, Human Rights Lawyer.
Lombardo, Joe:  Coordinator, United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)
Maguire, Mairead: Irish Peace Activist, Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Marjaee, Fareed: Peace Activist, Writer
Mazarei, Ahmad: Writer and Translator
Moradi, Elmira: Peace Activist
Maupin, Caleb: Journalist, Political Analyst
Nabavi, Badieh: Peace Activist, France
Nabavi, Mir-Mahmoud: Translator, Peace and Cultural Activist
Namdari, Reza: Peace Activist
Omani, Elinor: Cofounder AFIC
Pahlavan, Salome’: Peace Activist
Rashidi, Iraj: Political Analysts
Raoufi-Rad, Vahid: Mainframe Consultant, Sydney, Australia
Rezvi, Sarbaz Roohulla: Peace and Justice Activist, Kashmir, India
Rohani, Ali: Poet, Peace Activist
Rouiniyan, Negar: Peace and Cultural Activist
Rehmani, Tasleem: President of Muslim Political Council of India
Saedi, Anwar: Attorney at Law
Saeedi, Bahman: Political Activist
Sassani, Massoud: Economist, USA
Shahabi, Farhad: Researcher in International Relations, Austria
Shahabi, Mehrdad: Translator, Peace and Cultural Activist
Shahabi, Mehrnaz: Peace and Cultural Activist, Independent Researcher, UK
Shahrabi, Abdolhamid: Solidarity Iran - SI, Coordinator
Shafazand, Azita: Political Activist
Sheehan, Cindy: Prominent American Antiwar Activist
Shiri, Ebrahim: Writer and Translator
Silverstein, Richard: Journalist, USA
Taghavi, Mahdad: Peace and Cultural Activist, UK
Talaee, Ahmad: Political Activist
Tavallai, Majid: Peace Activist
Tchanguizi, Ali: Peace Activist
Teymouri, Hossein: Translator, Cultural and Peace Activist, Canada
Taheri, Sherwin: Media Activist, Journalist
Taherian, Mohammadreza: Political Analyst, Editor in Chief, Danesh O Mardom Journal
Vahedian, Farshid: Translator, Cultural and Peace Activist, USA
Wilayto, Phil: Editor, The Virginia Defender - USA

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