Victory to the General Motors strike!

The strike of U.S. workers at GM continues over issues that impact the whole working class — whether in a union or not, whether a full-time or a part-time, gig/precarious or unemployed worker. These issues include: exploitation of temporary hires, unequal pay tiers, retaining health benefits, keeping plants open, and maintaining a union standard of living.

The fight against GM is a global strike: Korean GM workers have recently struck over many similar issues.

GM workers and the UAW helped set the stage for workers to attain certain standards with their famous Sit-down Strike of 1936-37. Then as now public opinion is on the side of the workers as shown by widespread solidarity from unions, passersby, small local businesses and local communities. But more is needed.

You can help!


1) Sign the Solidarity Pledge

2) Consider doing what ever else concrete you can, including: join a picket line; get a few folks together to picket a GM dealership or office; send letter to local media, get your union, community group, religious group to pass resolutions of support.

The fight at GM is our fight. An injury to one is an injury to all!