Protest NATO - No war on Venezuela! Philly Caravan

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People will be mobilizing from across the U.S. for a march in DC as NATO prepares to meet. There will be a car caravan leaving Philadelphia to join these demonstrations - reserve your seat today! The caravan leaves at 9am and returns around 8pm. Seats are available for a sliding scale of $10 - 20, though no one turned away for lack of funds.

No to NATO, War & Racism! No War on Venezuela! Join a major demonstration in front of the White House on March 30 as NATO meets in Washington - reserve your seat from Philly today!

NATO is the aggressive US-commanded military alliance responsible for massive death, destruction, homelessness and waves of millions of refugees in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Syria and Libya.

Just last week, President Trump called for $500 million for extended war in Venezuela.

Now the U.S. is planning to include Colombia in NATO, furthering the U.S. imperialist domination in Latin America. We call for an immediate end to NATO's continuing wars and the coming war on Venezuela. We call for reparations for countries who suffered from U.S. imperialist actions.

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March 30th, 2019 9:00 AM through  7:00 PM